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Peonies have arrived and we have so many varieties to choose from!

Our PEONY order has arrived and we have so many different varieties to choose from! I cannot decide on a favorite because they are all so beautiful!

And guess what? We have officially passed our average last frost date and I do not see any cold nights on the forecast so I think I can safely say, it is time to plant! I would still be careful with the tender stuff and make sure to harden plants off before putting them in the ground. Especially if it has been in a protected greenhouse. What I mean by hardening off (for those of you that don't know), is slowly introducing tender plants to the great outdoors by bringing them out for a few hours a day, increasing the time each day until you can leave them outdoors safely. This will ensure that the plant is tough enough to take the wind and temps before you plant it out.

Our annuals flowers are in and we have ALL the supertunias so come pick out some awesome plants to fill your baskets & beds with! Did you know that one supertunia will grow BIGGER than 4 or 5 petunias? They are called super for a reason. I personally do not even bother with petunias anymore because these waaaay out perform them.

Also, I am super excited to tell you that we have Mel's Kitchen Cafe cookbooks in the store! Mel's website is the first place I look if I am ever looking for inspiration or a good recipe and now (for the first time ever), she published a cookbook! They arrived today and I cannot wait to sit down with a cup of coffee and browse this beauty.

LOOK what is new this week!

So many cute things in this weeks orders! The cutest baby things!

We have some great sales for you to shop this weekend!

25% off kitchen- dishes and gadgets

25% off aprons

25% off nawrap natural dishcloths

10% off baby clothing and shoes

10% off house plants

Order up your favorite SPRING drinks before they go away! Our Summer menu comes out next week!

Oh and don't forget to keep your eyes peeled while in the store for a free drink coupon! We hide them periodically throughout the store!

Mom's and Plants Event is next weekend! May 3rd and 4th so be sure to mark your calendar! This event is going to be amazing! So many fun things are planned so grab your Mom or someone special and come enjoy some quality time together while sipping a yummy drink and browsing our store. All the hanging baskets will be available as well as so much more!

Reminder we are now back to our regular business hours! Friday and Saturday 10am-5pm.

See you soon!


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