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Unique and Thoughtful Mother's Day Gift Ideas...

Mother's Day is this Sunday! Here are some ideas if your haven't gotten anything yet.

Handwritten Letter or Journal: Consider writing your mom a heartfelt letter expressing your gratitude and appreciation. You could also give her a beautiful journal where she can jot down her thoughts, dreams, and memories.

Personalized Photo Album: Compile cherished family photos into a beautifully designed photo album. Add captions, anecdotes, and memories to make it extra special.

Homemade Coupon Book: Create a personalized coupon book filled with offers like a home-cooked meal, a day off from chores, or a picnic in the park.

Outdoor Adventure: Plan a day trip or weekend getaway to explore the great outdoors together. Whether it's hiking, camping, or a scenic drive, spending quality time in nature can be a wonderful gift.

Artistic Keepsake: Commission a local artist to create a custom painting, portrait, or sculpture based on a meaningful memory or family photograph.

DIY Garden Kit: Put together a DIY garden kit with everything she needs to start a small herb garden or flower bed. Include seeds or starts, pots, gardening tools, and personalized plant markers.

Spa Day: Pamper her with a spa day at home with all the pampering products. Cozy robe and slippers, bath bomb, candle, face mask, foot spa set!

A hanging basket of flowers is a gift any Mom would love!

Our greenhouse is loaded with plants ready to fill your beds and baskets! The peonies are just about ready to burst into bloom. You just cannot beat a beautiful Peony. (Mom would love one too).

We just got in a big Geometry towel order. Seriously the prettiest prints and new waffle hand towels! As well as new naked bee products, restock on Lakerol mints and more;

We also have some great sales for you! May 10th & 11th

20% off Mothers Day cards

20% off Saranoni blankets and robes

20% off Poppy & pout

20% off candles

20% off kitchen

Our new Summer drink menu is out! And MY-oh-MY, is it ever spectacular. I am loving the wild child tea right now! It has just enough sweet and tart to make it perfection. Bring Mom out for a yummy drink and some shopping!

Left to right: Wild child tea with lemonade, Blue raspberry coconut redbull, Strawberry sunrise redbull, Coconut matcha tea.

And PS: Our event last weekend was so fun! We gave out about a hundred free dahlias as well as stickers, prizes, gift baskets, flavored sugar cubes, tons of free coffees and more. It was so fun to see all the mother's and daughter's spending time together. Thank you to everyone that came out. I sure enjoyed working this event and see you all again.


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