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Meet The Team

Market North started as a hobby with bi-annual sales and Christmas bazaars. After my youngest child started school and I had some free time, we decided to open a store. Preparing for our weekend open days is a lot of fun, and I couldn't do it without the help of these amazing ladies.


We'd like you to meet...



Store Owner

Responsible for the new and seasonal inventory and staging the store. As the leader of Market North Co., she strives to run the store efficiently and provide excellent quality products and great customer service. 



Store Manager

Responsible for pricing new inventory, systems and processes and overseeing all operations. She is extremely organized and helps in all aspects of the store. 



Linens & Clothing

Responsible for the Linens and Clothing sections. She also helps with staging, display and design.


Resale/ Clothing

Resale shops to find those unique items and with her knowledge of brands and quality, she is in charge of the clothing section. Also helps with staging and display & design.

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