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Welcome Back! We are so glad you are here!

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Market North re-opens this weekend and we are beyond excited to show you all the new Fall products...

First things first... We have new subscribers and I want to introduce myself. I am Britany, owner of Market North and the one behind these posts. Market North was born when the last of my (7) children went off to school and I found myself with a little time during the days. We (some talented friends and I) started dreaming... We decided to open a home, garden, and (all things pretty) boutique.

My first challenge was that I am a homebody and want to be here when my kids get off the bus. SO, we put up a building / store on our property and began to fill it with inventory. The second challenge was that we are all Mom's with busy schedules. So we decided we needed it to be an occasional shop. Open only on the weekends.

Never would I have dreamed that we would acquire such a LARGE, wonderful group of local customers that drive out to our little destination to spend time shopping, sipping coffee, dreaming, looking at plants and visiting with friends. It has become what it is BECAUSE we live in a great community that LOVES to support local. We have about 20- 25 local vendors that put their hand-made/ hand selected item in Market North as well. Soooo, that being said... let's move on.

What to expect

These posts generally come out weekly to let you all know what is going on at the store. They will always have our drink special and pictures of what is new in the store that week as well as dates of upcoming events you may want to mark in your calendars. Oh, and the weekly sales! Each week we mark down different items because we all love a good deal, right? And occasionally you may get an inspiration post with ideas for organizing, gardening, decorating, baking and more.

Next: meet Felicity: She is our new store manager. And she has already been amazing. So super talented in so many different ways. Make sure to say 'hello' when you see her in the shop!

What's new

As I always say... It is impossible to capture in all in a few pictures so you will have to come see for yourself to take it all in... But here are a few pictures of what is new at the store this week. I hope to get another post out tomorrow that will flood you with photos.

This weeks sales

Summer clothes are all 25% off (2 racks bursting with clothing)

Candles 15% off

Roll on perfume 15% off

Lotions 15% off

Essential oils & roll ons 15% off

Drink special

Every change of season comes with a new menu in the coffee shop! Our Fall menu will be up on Friday but here are some of the specials;

Try a pumpkin chai breve- hot or iced, caramel apple red bull smoothie or a maple Latte- hot or iced. Yummmm.

Well that is all for now. Feel free to leave comments or feedback. We love to hear it and (psst), it really helps our website when you engage on our site.

Thanks & hope to see you soon!


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I bought some cardamom syrup/pour… for my coffee at Market North ! It’s by far the best & need to go get more!!!! Oh & maybe a pumpkin chai breve too ☕️💕

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