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Plant sale continues & gets better AND hanging basket tips and tricks...

We are happy to announce that our plant sale gets even better this weekend. We love having plants here at the store but would love it even more if they were happily planted in the ground. Sooo...

All plants will be 25% off this weekend!

We also have 2 racks of 50% off plants for you to browse as well. We have loads of peonies that are just bursting into bloom that are also 25% off. And psst. our peonies are already the lowest price in town.

We still have beautiful hanging basket available!

I also wanted to share tips for success with hanging baskets in our dry climate.

1) Plant your hanging basket in a bigger size basket. While the small baskets look great now, it doesn't take long for the roots to use up all the soil in the small baskets and they start to look a little sad. So if you can get your hands on 18" or bigger hanging baskets, grab em up and repot your baskets. You flowers will stay so much happier if they can have more soil around them.

2) Place in a place that is somewhat protected from our wind. Wind dries out hanging baskets so, so fast. So make sure if we have a windy day to give it more water.

3) Water at the same time every day. And water deeply. The best luck I have had is when I've put the baskets on drip with our sprinkler system. When our weather gets super hot, they may need watered twice a day. Repotting in bigger baskets/ having more soil around them helps them stay hydrated longer as well.

4) Afternoon sun is the hottest so when July and August roll around, if you have a place that doesn't get the hot, south side of house sun, your basket will be happier.

Moving on to what is new.

A ton of baby clothing arrived this week! We now carry Lou Lou baby and got in a bunch of Rylee & Cru/ Quincy Mae/ Noralee & Mebie baby. We are well stocked in the baby department.

Some other things that are new...

Our embroidery gal, Esme has brought in a new batch of beautiful things and we got a restock on car diffusers!

Drink of the week...

We call this the Favorite Candy Latte. It is an iced butterscotch latte with vanilla bean cold foam.

This weeks markdowns:

All plants are 25% off, (Indoor and outdoor)! And we have 2 racks of 50% off plants!

Baby swimwear 25% off

Dog bowls/ fetch balls 25%

Men's racks 25%

Coffee & Tea AND coffee/ tea mugs & accessories 15% off

Perpetual/ birthday calendars 15% off

Kids shoes 15%

Woman's shoes 15%

Please note: Items marked ND or No Deal are not included. Loyalty discounts can not be used with other discounts. Thanks.

Well that's all for now. Come early to get the best selection of plants!


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