We are going to start a blog posting each week dedicated to our vendors, so our subscribers can see who is behind all of this creativity.. So for week # 1, I would like you to meet......


ABOUT: Jeri is a wonderful friend of mine that brings so much to Market North. She spends a lot of time researching products and finding the best inventory as well as having a wonderful knack for staging and displaying. So much of what makes our store unique is the design, staging and display. And Jeri is our # 1 gal for this.

ONE THING that is her specialty: It is hard to put a finger on one thing because Jeri brings a bit of everything to the store. But if I have to say one thing it would be CONCRETE FIRE BOWLS. She hand pours beautiful indoor and outdoor fire bowls.

A video clip of one of Jeri's outdoor fire bowls burning outside at a Market North Event-

Jeri also makes other concrete items such as candle holders, coasters, & flower pots. She also brings a lot of new home decor and furniture as well as uniques finds and seasonal items. The list could go on and on with this girls talents but maybe these pictures can give you a better idea...

That's all for now but stay tuned for Vendor # 2 next week!

Have a Wonderful Day!


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