Meet Market North's Vendors...

We are doing a blog posting each week dedicated to our vendors, so our subscribers can see who is behind all of this creativity.. We are on week 7 and I would like you to meet......



Paris own a business called Haven Flower Farm. It is a family-run flower farm and vegan soap shop in Kennewick, WA. During the spring and summer months they grow amazing flowers, and year-round they make luxurious bath products.

Several years ago they fell in love with all natural soaps and began the journey to making healthy, luxury bath products.

Paris says, "Why not give the skin you’re in the creamiest lathering soap with no preservatives or drying agents? Or the best oils for your skin in our bath bombs and bath salts? How about amazing scents to soak in some great aromatherapy?"

In answer to those questions, they have developed the best bath and spa products out there, giving you the at-home spa experience you crave."

Also new to the spa line is the most amazing beeswax candles. Beeswax candles emit a bright, healthful light AND clean the air naturally. Beeswax burns longer, drips less, and naturally smells wonderful.

Just look at these products! And oh, these wonderful aromas fill the air @ Market North!

What’s happening now on the farm? It’s planting time! Haven Farms greenhouse and low tunnels are full of anemones and ranunculus, snapdragon & eucalyptus babies, not to mention acres of rich soil just waiting to explode with color, scent, and beauty. Essential oils, anyone?

That's all for now but stay tuned for Vendor # 8 next week! Have a Wonderful Day!


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