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Meet Market North's Vendors...

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

We are doing a blog posting each week dedicated to our vendors, so our subscribers can see who is behind all of this creativity.. We are on week 5 and I would like you to meet......


ABOUT: Molli is a sweet gal that has amazing artistic abilities. She can dream up and create beautiful lettering, cards, calanders, stickers, keychains, fliers, wedding & birth announcements and the list goes on.... She has had a business called Pookifont (now Pooki) for the past 3 years. She does amazing things and sells to thousands of customers on Etsy.

ONE THING that is her specialty: Molli is an artist. Enough said. I am so impressed with anyone that has artistic talent. I can barely draw a stick figure. So go check her out on Instagram @plain&pooki or her Etsy sight at See pictures below of the items she sells at Market North or you can contact her for custom orders.

Some pictures of Molli's products. Love, Love her local Wasington stickers and the sweatshirts. Well actually, I love it all! She does such great work!

A little behind the scenes of Molli's making process!

That's all for now but stay tuned for Vendor # 6 next week! Have a Wonderful Day!


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