Meet Market North's Vendors...

We are doing a series of postings dedicated to our vendors, so our subscribers can see who is behind all of this creativity... I know it has been awhile since I posted but things have been a bit crazy lately. Now I am back and I would like you to meet......


ABOUT: Danielle finds the most trusted brands in baby products. As a teacher and a mother she believes the products our babies use every day should be good for them! That means high quality, free of harmful substances and most importantly, fosters independence.

All the products are beautiful as well and they blend nicely into your home.

Danielle's favorite product is the tiny cup because it’s amazing to see young babies drink without spilling. They learn so quickly to drink from a normal cup! Plus there’s nothing more adorable than the chubby hands grasping it :)

Such pretty colors in all Danielle's baby products!

So you will have to pop over on our next opening (Thursday, Jun 17th from 4pm-9pm) and check out these wonderful items!

That's all for now! Have a Wonderful Day!


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