We are doing a blog posting each week dedicated to our vendors, so our subscribers can see who is behind all of this creativity.. We are on week 2 and I would like you to meet......


ABOUT: Britni is a wonderful friend (and sister-in law) of mine that brings so much to Market North. (Yes, we have the same name and it can get a little confusing at times).

Britni does a lot of resale shopping which keeps our store unique. She has an eye for that diamond in the rough and she brings a bit of everything to the store.

ONE THING that is her specialty: Britni has much knowledge on quality clothing and brands and therefore she is in charge of our clothing section. She keeps things looking new and fresh in the clothing corner. She has a knack for staging and displaying the rest of the store as well.

A few pictures of our clothing corner in the store. Britni keeps this area looking new and fresh!

Britni's kind nature and approachable demeanor adds such a sweetness to our store! That's all for now but stay tuned for Vendor # 3 next week! Have a Wonderful Day!


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