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Is your kitchen needing some updating? Are you unsure of where to even begin?

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

You are standing in your kitchen looking around, wondering, where would I even begin with a remodel? Or maybe you do not need a complete remodel but just some updating. Where do you start? Does this sound familiar? I can completely relate!

When we bought our house in 2006, the kitchen was in dire need of some help. Should we paint the cabinets, get new countertops and try to make it look good OR should we rip it all out and start fresh? Everywhere I looked was something that needed attention. But what should we focus on first? I started thinking, where do I spend most of my time at home? Kitchen and laundry room were my answers. But how far do we go? The cabinets were old and had a distint old house smell. The thought crossed my mind to buy some time and just paint them inside and out.... Until we started seeing mice.... and more mice!

This picture was taken the day we made the purchase. Some of our friends later told us they secretly though we were crazy for taking on this huge project. But I have never regretted it!

Seeing all those mice was all it took to make the decision. We promptly started ripping out the cabinets and sheetrock to try to find the mouse entry. Wow, were we ever glad we did! There was more then one mouse entry and we could not have blocked them without taking out the cabinets. Also when we got into it, we realized that the old smell came from deep within and I do not think we could have gotten rid of it with just a few coats of paint.

So we ended up completely gutting the kitchen down to the wood studs. Then getting it re-sheetrocked. New cabintes and countertops followed. We did most of the work ourselves and were able to do it for a reasonable price. We did all of this before we even moved in and I was so thankful for a new kitchen to start out. That new kitchen gave me inspiration to tackle the rest and made it all seem not so overwhelming. The kitchen remained the same for the next 9 years until we did our big remodel and then it was time for a few more changes.

(It took a little digging around but I found some pictures of my kitchen in 2009. So this was a few years after we moved in.) Looking at it is pretty crazy how fast styles change! Things even look outdated from 11 years ago.

When we started our big remodel, I decided that since the style of our house was doing a complete change, my kitchen need a few changes to help it match the rest of the house. The countertops had some flaws and we decided to upgrade to quartz. Also the cabinets were looking a little worn so we took all the cabinet doors and drawers out into the shop and sanded them down and repainted them. Then repainted the rest of the cabinets and walls and got new subway tile backsplash. We also took the microwave out and added some wood open shelves next to the refridgerator. Then we purchased a microwave drawer to put next our oven. (I LOVE my micro drawer. It makes checking, stirring food, and cleaning a breaze). What do you think? Do you see an improvement?

So as you look around your kitchen, start by asking yourself these questions;

1) Where do I spend most of my time?

This question can help you determine if the money spent to remodel your kitchen is worth spending. A clean and nice kitchen makes you want to spend more time in it, resulting in better tasting and maybe even healthier meals. Feeding your family is a very important job.

2) Are the cabinets in good condition?

If the cabinets are still in good, sturdy condition but maybe just an outdated color, you could consider repainting or restaining them. Or having it done for you. This way can save you a lot of money.

3) Does the kitchen have an old smell?

If the kitchen or the whole house has an old smell, chances are that it is coming from the cabinets or wood work in the home. This is a sure sign that they need to come out and be replaced.

4) What is our budget?

This will determine how far you can go. If a kitchen remodel is not in the budget but you really need some updating, maybe you can start with a few coats of fresh paint on the cabinets and walls and maybe some new countertops and curtains.

If it is in your budget and you want some help with a kitchen design, we can help! I can come in and help you draw up a plan and we also own a company that can help you with the whole process of the remodel. Peak Contractors, Inc has experience in remodels and can also directly order your kitchen cabinet package. I would be working directly with our cabinet designer and the contractors to make the process as easy and painless as possible. Give us a call and see what we can do to help! 509-528-5405

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