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End of summer frazzle anyone!?

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Does this season have anyone else in a frazzle? I dearly hope I am not alone... After all, misery loves company... heh, heh! No really, I cannot say its misery or even close to misery but I can say that all of this craziness has left me feeling a bit frazzled. Normally I am LOVING every second of September. After a busy, fun, and somewhat hectic summer, by mid September, I am usually in the midst of cleaning out closets and catching up on all the things that got neglected while we vacationed and played.

Then came 2020. The year that all normalcy was turned upside down. I think back to the beginning of March when the word Covid had only been uttered a few times and it was all a very distant, small thing in a far away country. Wow, if someone would have told the future then, I don't think many would have believed it..... Suddenly we were cooped up at home and only leaving the house if it was absolutely necessary. All the normal everyday things became a distant memory.

But through the Spring and Summer we survived and slowly things began to get back to normal. Or maybe it was just our new normal. Maybe the new normal was just becoming so normal that we forgot what our old normal looked like. Either way I think we came to accept the way things were.... Until.... the school year began approaching. Then more craziness. First we let ourselves believe that that big yellow bus would come rumbling down the street and pick up the kids. But then we took a peek at the news and realize that there was no way the kids would be going to school. So we tried to re-route our thinking into distanced learning. And as soon as we finally felt like it would be ok, we started hearing things from our friends or acquaintances that homeschooling was the way to go. And just like that, back to chaos in the brain. What to do? What would be best for my kids? What option would be the most likely to keep the Mama sane? Should I succumb to peer pressure and do what my bossy friend or sister thinks is the best way? More jumbled thoughts and decisions to be made.

Then comes the first day of school. Much patience with glitching technology and crazy class schedules. Trying to get used to the idea that my kids are now completely stuck to a computer with ear buds in all day. The very thing I have always tried my hardest not to let happen. And trying to find patience with computers. I am not very techy so this is a challenge.

But through it all I must say......

Ready for this....?

I have enjoyed having my little ones home with me. Tucked in under Mamas wing. It feels safe, having them all at here with me. They have learned to play so good together and be each others best friend. It is what has to happen when there is no other option. We have had so many more opportunities to play games, build puzzles, bake, go on loong drives, and just visit. And when I think about Covid in that way.... Well... I am thankful. I wouldn't trade the quality time spent with my family for the chaotic, busy way things were before Covid hit.... Would you?

But to get to the real point, I actually have a few tips that can maybe help some of you to get caught up and feeling less frazzled.... It is what I have been trying to do in my life so that we can all adjust and feel like this is all ok.

1) First and foremost, carve out 1/2 hour for you. Use it to go on a walk, take a nap, do yoga, work in the garden or whatever it is that helps you feel good. You need to take care of yourself so you have patience to deal with everything around you.

2) Sit down and write everything that is frustrating to you at this time in your life. Get it out. Be real. Sometimes just writing it down can help you to look at it in a different perspective. For Example, maybe you just wrote down on your list of frustrations that driving a filthy car is really bothering you. Writing it down makes you think that there is actually something you can do about it. SO, you schedule a car detail or write it on your honey do list.

3) Next write down everything you are thankful for. Seriously. And think DEEP about it. I know it might sound cheesy but this can actually turn our negitive thinking in a different direction. I hope your list is pages long.

4) Family meeting- Time to sit everyone down and ask each family member for help in making a daily & weekly schedule. Write down tasks have been neglected or that need taken care of and ask for volunteers that will take over this task. If there are no volunteers then delegate the work between all family members.

And remember, be kind to yourself. Life really doesn't have to be perfect and organized. Try to find the beauty in just being. Try to say something positive about the way the world is, every day. And most importantly, in front of your kids. This will help your kids see things in a brighter light..... There is power in postive thinking.

On a different note: I need to make an apology to all of my sweet blog subscribers. I have promised to try post an inspirational post every week. Annnnd I have not been posting very often. But due to the above circumstances in life, I have had to put a lot of things on pause to try sort out the riff-raff in my brain. But it is something that I truly enjoy and I promise I will get better at it. Maybe not every week but at least once a month!

This is what my mornings look like :) My sweet baby first grader!

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