Does the curb appeal of your home need some improvement?

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

What is the first thing that visitors see when they drive up to your home? That impression is likely how they will remember your home after they depart. Do you feel like it could use a little improvement?

Well I have some good news! You can easily improve your curb appeal on any budget.

If your budget is between $50-$500, then these are some options for you;

1) Paint your front door & update the hardware

Color is crucial for your entryway. A dull, beige front door looks uninviting and drab. A fresh coat of paint can make all the difference. And the hardware is the focal point of most doors. Cheap hardware will make even the nicest door look cheap.

2) Add modern house numbers

One of the least costly ideas on the list, new house numbers make a great improvement because it’s generally the first thing people see if they are looking for your home.

3) Buy a new front mat

Don’t forget the doormat! A fresh, new doormat will make guests feel more welcome, as well as give them an opportunity to wipe their feet on rainy or snowy days.

4) Take an edger to your front flower bed

An unshaped flower bed makes thing look unkempt. A half hour with that half moon shaped tool will make a vast difference.

5) Add potted plants, flowers, or small trees

Potted plants are a great way to spruce up an entryway, stoop, or porch quickly, cheaply, and easily. In my opinion, any plants will be an improvement. It automatically shows that you love and care for your home.

6) Update light fixtures

Even during the day, the right lighting fixtures can dramatically change the look and feel of your entryway. I have a great reccomendation for a local electrician! :)

7) Create an inviting seating area

Whether the porch is open, covered, or enclosed, many homeowners ignore this valuable space. This is a huge mistake, as front porches make a perfect place for a relaxing.

8) Paint, restain, or seal the porch

Painting, restaining, or sealing the front porch can also add a lot to the curb appeal to your home. A fresh coat of paint will also help hide imperfections in the wood.

9) Add shutters

Shutters, even if they’re just decorative, are a great way to add contrast to the front of your home.

10) Prune overgrown shrubs and trees

Trimming hedges, bushes, and trees is a must when trying to improve the curb appeal.

11) Pressure wash the house and sidewalk

Pulling out the pressure washer will be well worth it! Sometimes you don’t know how grimy your sidewalk or patios are until you get started!

12) Build or buy window boxes and fill them with beautiful flowers

Nothing says homey like some window boxes overflowing with bright, happy flowers.

If your budget is $500+ then the following may be options for you;

1) Reseal concrete/asphalt or replace gravel in driveway

Resealing your concrete or asphalt can make it look brand new again and a new layer of gravel makes things look and feel fresh!

2) Fence in garbage cans or central AC unit

Do you have an eyesore that you have to look at every time you drive up. Building a privacy screen or fence around that eyesore can make a huge improvement.

3) Paint the home’s exterior

Nothing can change the way a home feels from the street more dramatically than fresh coat of paint!

4) Replace the front door

A front door can actually make all the difference. There are so many options! In most cases the front door IS the focal point.

5) Replace outdated siding

Believe it or not siding is like fashion. It, too starts to become outdated just like side ponytails and baggy jeans.

6) Replace or add fence or gate

Tumble-down fences and crooked gates are a sign of only one thing, NEGLECT.

7) Replace outdated garage door

An updated garage door can completely change the look of your home. Do not underestimate the value of replacing it!

Maybe you are thinking, thats all good advice but where do I start!? Do you feel like you need another set of eyes to help you decide OR someone to do the work for you? We can help! Give us a call! We would love to be a part of your transformation if you are in the Tri-Cities!

Well, thats all for now. I hope this inspires you to improve the curb appeal of your home. I actually think I might take my own advice and make my own front porch more inviting!