Are you needing a push to get some SPRING cleaning done?

Updated: Jun 9

Spring? What? The weather this weekend predicts snow here in Pasco, WA. BUT the calendar is on our side. Things WILL get warmer... So with a change in season we all could use a deeper cleaning, clearing out of winter clutter, (put away those hats, mittens and boots) rearrange and refresh...

But where do we start?!

My suggestion is to begin in your entry way and living room. The first rooms you see when you enter your home. Seeing this every day will inspire you to keep going.

1) Entry way- pull out the shoe storage or bucket, entry table & rug. Get your bucket of hot soapy water and start a scrubbing. Only put back what is necessary for spring and summer. Dispose of winter items that won't fit next winter and store the rest in an out of the way closet. Maybe splurge on a new entry rug or some new hooks to freshen things up.

2) Living room- remove all pillows, blankets, lamps and decor. Pull all furniture away from the wall & vacuum well. Rearrange and then vacuum the center of the room. Take rugs out and shake well. Wash pillow covers and blankets. Remove curtains and wash. Wipe down blinds and ceiling fans. And HEY, if you are really energetic, give it a fresh coat of paint. Maybe buy some new colorful throw pillows and throw blankets.

3) Have fun with it! Don’t look at the big picture. Start small and when you start to see the improvements it will inspire you to keep going!

That’s all for now! Have a good (Hopefully warm and sunny) weekend! 😊

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