Are you feeling like your home could use a little help? Or a lot of help? Four walls closing in?

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

You are not the only one! Especially during this current stay-home order. We are all spending a lot more time in our four walls and it doesn't take long before we start to notice EVERYTHING that is needing attention.

Are you a list maker? Well I am... If I can get it down on paper, then I can relax. I may be the list maker of all list makers. I write and categorize and rewrite my lists. Confession: I even write little stuff down just so I can cross it off and feel like I am accomplishing something.

SO, I encourage you to write a list. EVEN if you are not a list maker. Take a walk around your house and yard. Write down everything that you see that needs attention. Even if it is changing a lightbulb. THEN, go through your list and rewrite it into 3 (possibly 4) lists.

1) The first list is an urgent sort. A, needs attention before all else list. Things like change the furnace filter (months overdue) should go on this list. Try to set a goal date to have all completed. Say, one week.

2) The second list should be all of that little irritating stuff that really drives you bonkers everytime you see it. Things like dead clock batteries, a broken cupboard door, dusting the above stairs chandelier that needs a ladder and a spotter present OR calling a window repair company to come fix that cracked glass. Set a realistic goal for this. Maybe, 2-3 weeks from today.

3) The third list should be the things you have been wanting to get done that don't fall under the urgent or irritating category. Maybe things like removing a dead shrub, sealing your concrete or replacing your shower tile grout. Set a goal date on this list as well. Maybe 4-6 weeks.

4) The fourth list (if your dare), should be bigger projects that you are dreaming of tackling. Maybe you have always wanted to remove a living room wall to make your main floor more open. Or maybe you have been wanting to build a fire pit in your yard. Whatever it may be, do NOT set a goal date on this one. I have learned that it can add unwanted pressure and make the project more like work then fun. It is important to enjoy these home improvements projects.

OR maybe you are all caught up on the maintence and just want to dive into a project but need an extra set of hands OR you just need help getting started. We can help. We can come on over (if you are a local Tri-Citian) and dive into it with you! See our SERVICES page for more info.

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