Are you drowning in school papers/ report cards/ art work & class pictures?

Updated: Jun 9

I have always thought of myself as a fairly organized person but in Sept. of 2019 when I sent my seventh child off to school (oldest being a senior and youngest being in kinder), I realized that all of my so called methods were no longer working.

A common evening around our house.

18 yr old- "Mom, will you sign this paper? I have to bring it back to my teacher next Thursday."

8 yr old- " Mom, I can't find my homework! I know I left it on the counter!!!"

5 yr old- "Mom, my teacher said I have to do these flash cards every night and here is my packet of paper books that you have to read to me every day."

10 yr old- "Mom, did you see my art project? Whaaat? you put it in the garbage??? It was my very best work.... EVER!"

15 year old- "Mom, where is my paperwork for drivers training? I have to bring it signed to class TOO-morrow."

16 year old- "Mom did you ever get the new tabs for my truck? Where did you put them?"

12 yr old- "Mom, I have to finish my Egypt project and the rough draft has to be turned in with the final copy. Have you seen it?"

Needless to say, I was starting to feel like a volcano about to blow.... So I decided I had to come up with some sort of system that worked for me. Now, I get that not all of you have seven children between the ages of 5 and 18, BUT even if you have 1 or 2 kids in school, you understand! The amount of paper the kids bring home..... (Well lets just say, if we could turn it into toilet paper....Then there might be some value!) #COVID19

So I gathered up every paper I could find! Yes, in the entire household! And I started sorting. First by child, then each child by grade (pre-k all the way up to 12). Then from each stack, I took out year end report cards, class pictures, the BEST artwork & the cutest writing projects. Bigger posters and projects, I took pictures of and then disposed of them. Then I went shopping. I had to find something that would fit my stacks perfectly. And low and behold, I came across it at Walmart!

So beings we have all this time at home during the corona pandemic, you may as well take advantage of it and get something big accomplished! You can do this too! I promise the satisfaction you will feel when you are done IS WELL worth the work it takes to actually do it!

So here is the system that works for me... It is very simple, I promise.

1) Papers brought home go into a basket on my desk (no picture shown).

2) After dinner, I sort all papers into this wire slot holder that I keep in the mud room hallway. Homework or papers that need to go back to school goes into the bottom homework slot. Papers that are special (such as report cards, best artwork, class pictures, cutest stories / poems or writing) go into each child's own folder in the top slot.

3) Every few months I take each child's file folders up to the storage closet (where I store their personal school keep folders) and empty the folders out into them (see below).

Personal school keep folders-

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